The Ultimate Quilt Painting!
Official Kit of the Chicago Teacher's Union "Art from the Heart" Initiative

Everything your class needs to create a unique, collaborative piece of artwork. Students each decorate their own 4" x 4" square of canvas that will become part of a classroom quilt. Let the students' individual style and imagination shine through in their choice of topic or make this a cross-curricular project by assigning a theme from history, English or other classes.

"Look What We Made!"

"Ms. Sperling's 2nd grade class does a self portrait quilt"

Kit Includes:

  • One 29" x 31" piece of canvas
  • 30 brushes
  • 6 small acrylic paint sets
  • Thirty 4" x 4" high-quality canvas patches

You can also decorate the canvas with fabric markers, crayons, or gel markers. No Sewing Required!

$64.99 per kit (includes shipping)

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8th Grade Art History Project